Homeschool Teacher

Organize your day by assigning schoolwork and chores to all of your children with the teacher edition of the homeschool management system. Motivate them to complete their tasks by giving each school assignment or chore a coin value, then setup rewards for your children to earn. Use the existing subjects and rewards or create your own. It is up to you.

Designed to work on phones as well as tablets, so take it with you anywhere. Need to share information between you and your spouse? No problem. Have each person create their own account and link them together with your homeschool key.

Homeschool Teacher on iOS Homeschool Teacher on Android

Homeschool Student

Allow your children to see schoolwork assignments and chores assigned to them with this student edition of the homeschool management system. Have them mark when they have completed their tasks and are ready for you to check their work. Let each child see their treasure chest of reward coins grow with each completed item. Children can see rewards that they can earn and the cost of each reward (all configurable through the teacher edition).

Each child can have a separate login under the same installation. No need to buy the app over again if you have more than one child.

Homeschool Student on iOS Homeschool Student on Android


Mini Monster Mayhem

It's monster versus monster in this puzzle game. Shoot colored marbles at same colored monsters to eliminate them from the stack. Attack them head-on or bank shots off the ceiling to rain marbles from above. If you plan your moves carefully, you can setup each shot to create combinations and get bonus points.

Each level increases in difficulty. Walls block shots, fewer marble shots are available, the number of monsters needing elimination increases. Oh, did I mention you have to do it before time expires or it is game over?

  • Setup combos for bonus points
  • Increasing difficulty with each level
  • Ranked scores
  • Suitable for any age

Designed for both phones and tablets.

Mini Monster Mayhem on iOS Mini Monster Mayhem on Android Mini Monster Mayhem on Amazon App Store Mini Monster Mayhem on WindowsPhone

Story Crossroads: Knight's Passage

Knight's Passage is the first adventure story in the Story Crossroads series. It is the story of a young adventurer who is asked to complete a quest for a fallen knight. The adventurer's way is filled with peril in the form of goblins, trolls and other devious creatures and devices. It is up to you to choose the right path. May you choose wisely!

Each Story Crossroad's adventure revolves around the choices made by the reader at different stages of the story. Depending upon the reader's choices the reader will experience different variations of the story. The reader experiences the story through their avatar which gains new abilities and items as the story progresses. At times, the reader will also face combat sequences and watch the battle unfold. Winning combat can bring rewards and continues the story while losing is...The End.

Story Crossroads on Google Play Story Crossroads on Amazon App Store Story Crossroads on the Windows Store Story Crossroads on the Windows Phone Store

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